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Triple Bonus Opportunity for Chase Sapphire Preferred Cardholders

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  • September 4, 2013

Button keypad bonus with money symbol.Fully capitalizing your miles is like digging through a small antique store. If your knowledge of history, artisans, and styles of the era is better than the owner’s, you might be able to snap up a priceless artifact for a fraction of its real value.

OK, so that comparison might be a tad dramatic when it is applied to rewards programs, but it isn’t too far off. Synergies can appear between programs that allow you to multiply your savings. And companies might not even be aware of the full value of their deals. But there are plenty of smart and resourceful consumers who are on the lookout for you.

Take a recent deal offered through is an online travel agency (OTA). So purchases on count as travel-category purchases for some credit cards. The Chase Sapphire Preferred card is one of these. Through this classification you can rack up points on the Chase rewards program, Ultimate Rewards by booking with an OTA (redeeming roughly 3 points per dollar spent). has its own rewards program and provides your eleventh night reservation free of charge (10% discount). So by using the Chase Sapphire Preferred card to make a purchase, you are already combining two savings programs.

A recent special offered by Chase sweetens the deal even more.

Ultimate Rewards is throwing in 3 bonus points for every dollar spent on by Sapphire Preferred cardholders. The rewards value from the credit card side is essentially doubled. ThePointsGuy tallied up the three different types of savings and equated the triple bonus deal to 20.7% in total savings value.

If you link our program to you card, then reserving a room at one of our participating merchant hotels would deliver up to an additional 5 miles per dollar. As soon as the special expires, you could save more by spending in our network. Joining is easy and quick, thanks to our online portal.

Maximizing your use of rewards programs depends on receiving the right deal at the right time. Like us on Facebook and stay apprised of killer deals, like this one and other developments in travel.

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