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Off-the-Beaten-Path Rewards for Not-So Frequent Flyers

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  • August 7, 2013

Money from HeavenWhy do the most-frequent flyers always get the good stuff? Elite status, all-expenses-paid trips to Hawaii and the Galapagos, four-star hotels with PB&J delivered on a silver platter at 4 am… Why do they get all the glitter and glam-rock, and can ye’ average traveler use the 5,000 miles they accrue on an annual basis to pin down any real advantages?

Some scholarly research suggests that frequent flyers do receive more incentives, but we have a few ideas about how not-so-frequent flyers can cash in their modest rewards too:

Modest Reward Number 1 – Magazine Subscriptions

Every major frequent flyer program offers annual magazine subscriptions as a prospective redemption offer. So even if you don’t qualify for Triple Platinum status, you can still adequately and periodically furnish your coffee table with status symbols. The American AAdvantage program supports Time, The Economist, People, Vogue and Fortune magazine, all for decent-to-great redemption rates. For your convenience, all magazine offers can be found in one convenient location – MagsforMiles.

Modest Reward Number 2 – Charitable Donations

Also little known and even lesser acted on are frequent flyer partnerships with major charities. So you can give the monetary value of your points to those who need it. Delta Airlines supports giving to the Salvation Army and the American Cancer Society, among others. Each airline has a running list of charities you can give to.

Depending on your credit card, you might be able to build up extra points by donating your digital dollars to major nonprofits. ThePointsGuy asserted that many of these extra bonus-mile deals become available in the fourth quarter, just when you would need them most. Check your credit card for special offers.

Modest Reward #3 – Thanks Again!

We also pride ourselves on making rewards more convenient and accessible to the not-so frequent flyers out there. After pairing Thanks Again! with your credit cards, you can rack up points automatically by making purchases at any of the merchants/airports in our network. It is an easy, no-cost way to maximize the value of your points program.

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